About me:
I am a recovering Evangelical (the nice kind), and because those feminine “virtuous woman” qualities were so deeply ingrained, I’m forced to embrace the fact that I’ll never be able to fully shake my sweet and innocent appearance altogether, and this can be a hindrance at times. On the other hand, it does let me get away with things.

What I’ve learned: It’s a waste of time to reject the things that make up the core of who you are. If people don’t take you seriously because you look like a “girly girl” (or because you don’t), screw ‘em, own it, and rock on.

The Sex and Cupcakes reader:

Doesn’t conform to the “women over a certain age should never wear X, never do X, never act X,” but she doesn’t want to pretend she’s still 25, either. She appreciates and embraces most of the things she’s gained from age, but she likes sexy jeans and big jewelry; late nights talking; live music at a club, and camping at a weekend music festival. She’s not a Zumba girl – she loves spin class and serious free weights.

Although she explores the spiritual, she doesn’t find fulfillment in popular spiritual trends just because they’re trendy. She loves an excellent meal, and enjoys good wine. Her favorite evening is a night in with friends or a lover, conversation, and good food and wine.

She loves sex and passion as much as she loves food, and she will spend hours looking for the exact fabulous recipe or the next adventure. Her creativity is reflected in the way she lives…The music she listens to, the art she makes, the way she likes to dress.

And overall, she believes life is good.