What Stitch Fix Can Teach Us about Relationships

Shopping for clothing is a lot like dating. In both, the lack of opportunities to come across perfection (or even acceptability) in person compels a lot of people to search online. Sometimes, something seems so promising until, in person, you discover it’s not as pictured. You can waste a lot of time trying on and ultimately finding nothing that feels like a good fit. Sure, you can settle for something that’s not ideal, but it will never be quite right. My biggest problem with both shopping and dating has always been that I become so focused on a specific attribute or two that it blinds me to any other possibility.

I’m not a big fan of buying clothing online, but since I’m even less a fan of shopping for clothing in stores, I decided to surrender my shopping neuroses to someone else, and give Stitch Fix a try. Stitch Fix is a company that takes an inventory of your preferences and sizes, and sends you a box of clothing based on your input. You try the clothes on, keep what you like, and send the rest back.
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